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Consumption 2022 Burning Man Art Project
Consumption (2022) brings our focus to the end of the era
of consumerism and overconsumption.
Our current trajectory is no longer sustainable and we must change.

Let us reflect upon the mountain of waste to guide our beliefs, ​​ideas and spirits to a more rational use of earth's limited resources.

We are building a 45ft tall money Sign sculpture out of old appliances. We'll be debuting consumption at burning man 2022. we've spent the whole summer working diligently on this subversive project. 

now we need your help! Please take a moment to view our indiegogo, share and donate and help us spread the word about planned obsolescence, waste and environmental awareness through art.

thank you for your support! See you in the dust )'(


Creating eco-friendly art with recycled materials. Our team is dedicated to our upcycled $$$$ sign art.


Consumption Structure (4).jpg
Consumption is a burning man art installation headed to the playa in 2022. Our 40ft dollar sign sculpture is a statement on planned obsolescence,  consumer culture and climate change. we are building our massive money sign out of old appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and dryers. by bringing these appliances out of the landfill and into the black rock desert we hope it'll inspire deeper thoughts surrounding waste and consumption in america and beyond.

Project Lead: Richard Schreinert (YodaBear)
Lead Artist: Tom Boughner (Asshole)
Build Lead: Aric Shapiro (ShapiroShapiro)


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